Joy of joys, I finally got to go to Slovenia after the long absence of an entire year.  My first expedition was to visit Kobarid, which lies just over the border from my house in Italy.  The jewel in the crown is of course the spectacular Soča Valley, which is as beautiful as ever. I was delighted to discover a new river-side trail which follows the shore of the aquamarine waters, its a great find.  I also managed a hike into the mountains above Kobarid, to explore the Kolovorat Outdoor Museum, which features the defensive trenches from the First World War. They have been beautifully preserved and the trail is called The Walk of Peace. All this exercise was followed by lunch in a mountain restaurant; the sun shone, the wine flowed, and great company you couldn't ask for more!

The next departure to Slovenia is in June 2022. For more information please go to Slovenia Hike