We pride ourselves on offering a walking holiday to remember. Have a look at the testimonials of our previous customers many of whom have come back for other trips.

Italian Lakes 2014
‘Thank you so much for all the arranging and planning you did on our behalf. You made our first trip to Italy a special one. I will never forget those beautiful forests and fairy tale homes. It was a pleasure….. all of it.!’
Rindy J. USA

‘Words cannot adequately express the wonder of this experience you provided. I am grateful beyond measure.’
Julie D. USA

‘Thank you for helping to make this a wonderful magical vacation.
Audrey S. USA

‘Wanted to say thank you for being a great guide’
Barbara C. USA

‘I have had such a wonderful introduction to Italy on this trip! Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us. I very much enjoyed getting to meet you and loved it when you shared your delightful sense of fun with us. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute.’
Laurel N. USA

‘One of my outstanding life experiences! Thank you for the sharing.’
Jas B. Malaysia

‘Yet another wonderful trip.’
Laurie S. USA

‘Grazie Gillian per un buon viaggio. I had a great time and appreciate all the planning you did to ensure we had good hikes, wonderful hotels an good food and wine.’
Judy G. USA

Slovenia 2014
‘Such fun this week! You made Slovenia special! So glad to have sent a few moments with you and your wit and your songs.’
Dee P. USA

‘Once again you have guided a wonderful trip I really appreciate all you did to allow me to get extra hiking in. I hope to travel with you again!’
Debbie S. USA